Wednesday, 1 October 2014

How to Grow and Care for Zebra Plants

Zebra Plants square measure extraordinarily showy evergreen plants with pairs of shiny, 6"-9", lance formed inexperienced leaves, with boldness varied with cream, white or silvery patterned veins. underneath ideal conditions, they'll be persuaded to bloom and can manufacture long lasting spikes of bright coloured yellow, waxy bracts with hollow white, yellow or orange flowers sticking from every husk. Even after they square measure out of bloom, equid Plants build terribly engaging, foliage house plants. In their native Brazil, equid Plants will mature to 6 feet tall and wide, however as a house plant they'll simply be unbroken at 12"-18" by pruning.

Zebra Plants square measure solely hardy in zones eleven & twelve. The rest folks can got to be content growing them as house plants. As with most house plants, the simplest approach of keeping your equid Plant happy and healthy is to undertake to duplicate a similar surroundings from that they originated. To be honest, it's pretty arduous to duplicate a Brazilian jungle while not a greenhouse thus you will need to contemplate shopping for your equid Plant and growing it as an annual simply to get pleasure from it for a year or 2 of beauty.

Growing Requirements for Zebra Plants

The requirements for growing equine Plants area unit way more rigid than with different house plants.
Zebras resent any changes to their surroundings and can quickly drop their lower leaves if they're exposed to drafts, moved  or repotted, or if the temperature or wetness level changes suddenly.

Aphelandras ought to be grownup in bright, indirect lightweight however ne'er fully or unfiltered sun.
Zebra Plants need several wetness, and may ne'er be allowed to dry out.
Always use temperature water that has been allowed to line open for twenty-four hours or a lot of
to allow Cl and different chemicals to dissipate.

High humidity is essential for success. Provide extra humidness by setting the plants on shallow trays stuffed with moistened pebbles, or use a humidifier, particularly throughout the winter months.
Frequent misting also will facilitate significantly. Wipe leaves typically with a humid fabric to stay them shiny. Your equid Plant can grow best in moderate summer temperatures of regarding 68°-75°
and cooler within the winter, however ne'er below 60°.

Zebra Plants do not need a dormant amount like several plants, however they ought to be a rest when blooming, with slightly cooler temperatures and reduced watering. Feed your equid Plant with a slow unharness, pelleted chemical at the start of the season, or feed monthly from spring through summer employing a strength answer of a balanced liquid chemical. Zebra Plants is trim arduous when flowering to regulate growth. Check frequently for spider mites and aphids.

Repotting Zebra Plants

Zebra Plants bloom best once they area unit unbroken moderately root sure and will solely be repotted to rejuvenate the soil within the spring.
Use a porous, well-drained potting mixture with a high bog moss content.
Potting mixes that are mixed for African Violets area unit ideal!

Propagating Zebra Plants

Zebra plants may be propagated with stem tip cuttings of aspect shoots taken within the spring or summer. The crack of plants that have lost their lower leaves can even be stop and unmoving.
Dust every cut with a ontogeny endocrine and strike in a very vegetable matter moss/perlite combine.
Hold in a very heated propagating case or a vivarium at 75°.


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